I create songs about beauty and death, like you might hear at a Renaissance fair during the apocalypse.

Minimalist, lute-like ukulele meets otherworldly vocals, shimmering guitars, drones, overtones, and witchery.

Embedded in these songs are ideas drawn from metaphysics, mysticism, poetry, and myth. Transformation emerges as a themean investigation of what happens at borderlands, thresholds, and in the smallest, quietest moments between forms and states of being.

Next Show: HOLLOW Album Release

Saturday, September 22 - The Station, Carrboro, NC

with multi-instrumentalists Tim Carless and Robbie Link, plus DJ Fifi Hi-Fi who will spin an equinox mix for dancing well into the night

Details to come. Save the date!

Past Shows

7.6.2018 - Local 506 (Chapel Hill, NC) - Plan B, Midway 2: A Benefit for Planned Parenthood with Jo Gore, Azul Zapata; comedians Shari Diaz, Mark McPartland, Chaz Evans, Caroline Smith; and burlesque artists Darth Ruby and Miss Bliss

6.16.2018 - The Station (Carrboro, NC) with Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands and DJ Quilla

1.6.2018 - Arcana (Durham, NC) with knives of spain and Breath of the Ether

Alt mixes from my debut album, HOLLOW, forthcoming in September 2018

Lyrics for "The Lovers"

Lyrics for "Dreambody"